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Motion is lotion

Having good mobility opens the door to longevity, independence, and enhancing your performance abilities.

As we get older we move less, which means our joints stiffen and our body’s forget how to move.

Mobility routines reverse the damage of the day to day stress we pose on our bodies from long hours sitting at a desk, to spending afternoons hunched over pulling weeds in the garden.

The benefits of mobility routines are decreasing risk on injuries, relieving muscle soreness, increasing joint range of motion, increasing muscle activation.

Mobility routines can be performed either as you are getting ready to start your day or as a way to unwind after a hard day. Mobility routines can leave you feeling less stress, more relaxed and feeling more limber.

Mobility routines use a variety of use tools ie. foam roller, lacrosse ball, massage stick, tennis ball etc. Our mission is to give you the tools to take your life into your own hands and not letting mobility restrictions prevent you from doing the activities you love.

Program Options

4 Week Program + 8 Weeks Programs
  • Target every joint and major muscle group
  • Using various tools; foam roller, lacrosse balls, hand rollers and bands
  • Program will include; mobility drills, mobility flow sequence, dynamic & static stretching etc.
  • 1 program will be designed each week for a total of 4 weeks or 8 weeks.

Specialized Programs

The specialized program will be created based on your individual needs and goals. Specialized programs are ideal for those seeking sport specific, performance, rehabilitation, prevention, joint specific etc. The duration of the specialized program will be determined after a consultation.

Each mobility program includes a minimum of 2  30 min consultations via Skype, or FaceTime.

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