Justine Mcnichol

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Justine Mcnichol

Justine is the co-founder of Benecore Training with a career in the health and fitness industry for the past 5 years. Justine attended Nipissing University where she studied Physical Health & Education and graduated with honours. While completing her degree Justine gained valuable experience teaching others proper movement patterns and how to perform fundamental skills. Her passion for teaching & educating others shines through with each interaction she has with someone. Her goal is to teach others to there physical health into their own hands and to train through functional, innovative, & challenging exercise programs that help clients tackle the tasks they have difficulty within their everyday lives. 

Justine experiences great fulfilment when supporting clients to achieve their goals and unleash their true fitness potential. As a practising Kinesiologist with British Columbia Kinesiologist Association, Justine has the philosophy that living a limitless life requires hard work, commitment, and a support network of individuals that strive to encourage your success. This is what you can expect from every program that Benecore training has to offer. 

When she is not being a drill sergeant on proper form & technique on a squat or the push-up, Justine enjoys spending her time exploring the outdoors with her spouse & dog or entering in the next running race held around town. 



British Columbia Kinesiology Association 

Bachelor of Physical Health & Education 

Running Gait & Analysis 

Strength Training Past 50 

Certified CPR & First Aid