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Our corporate wellness programs for designed for businesses that put emphasis on the health and well-being of their employees and wish to improve productivity, morale, and team-building. Does this sound like your company? If so, keep reading…

The ultimate goal of our corporate program is to improve organization performance in the workplace and this is done by improving the health and wellness of its employees through fitness programs and educational and practical workshops.

Six out of 10 workers said their time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines improved on days when they exercised. The amount of the overall performance boost was about 15 percent, according to the findings, which were presented … at a meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Nashville, Tenn.”


There are many great benefits for both the employee and the employer for building an effective corporate wellness program. Here are a few for you to consider:

1. Employees who regularly exercise tend to be less stressed. Less physical and less emotional stress results in better & faster decision making.

2.Employees who regularly exercise have better attitudes towards both their work and their coworkers. This results in an increase in productivity and team cohesion. Plus who doesn’t want to work in an atmosphere that glows of positivity?

3. Employees with consistent fitness habits tends to inspire confidence and creativity.

4. Employees that take an active role in wellness programs tend to avoid being sick. Their immune systems are strengthened through exercise and therefore are less prone to catching the “bug hanging around the water cooler”.

5. Perhaps the most important benefit for both parties is that an employer who shows concern and initiative towards their employees well-being gets noticed. Employees are very aware when employers support and encourage healthy lifestyles. Because of this, employers should see less and less turnover and improved relationships between team members.

The Bottom Line:

All employers should seriously consider allowing employees to exercise before, during work hours, or after work because it would benefit them both greatly. For employees, physical and mental benefits. For employers, it will boost to productivity and decrease absentees and employee turnover. 


Because of how diverse each company is, we cannot provide accurate pricing without a consultation. Consultations are always free and we encourage you to connect with us and take the first step in improving your employees well-being.


Be the boss you would want to work for.