Workout Challenge: Interval Galore for Endurance Improvements

Workout Challenge: Interval Galore for Endurance Improvements

Interval training is fabulous for many reasons. One reason we love it is because it is able to reduce the risk of repetitive joint trauma that can occur from running long distances. While we don’t recommend doing only interval training we do believe it should be used to complement it! We believe the two of them (Endurance training plus interval training) will lead to better performance and a more balanced body! 

Give this circuit workout a go next time your itching for a good workout!







BENE-BEGINNER: 15 second rest

BENE-ADVANCED: Little to no rest!

Medicine Ball Multi-Directional Lunge

TRX ROW ( High-Medium- Low)

Bodyweight Push Ups (or TRX Push


Kettlebell One-Hand Swing

Seal Jacks

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