Upper Body Hitt Blast

Upper Body Hitt Blast

This workout follows how we traditionally teach circuit classes at the local rec centre. They are designed to have you hit the ground running after your warm-up.

Why you want to give this one a try:

+Emphasis on areas that may not be targeted often enough (frontal, medial and rear deltoids, mid-back and rhomboids. (Exercises: High pull & Frontal/ Lateral Raise)

+The Pallof Press is named after John Pallof who is a physical therapist based in Boston. The core is basically a bridge connecting the lower-body and the upper-body. Consequently, the core muscles must be conditioned correctly to ensure spinal stability and the ability to transfer torque and angular velocity. (Think- Power Clean, Back Squat, Push Press, etc)

+Another fantastic exercise that will produce fast results is the Farmer’s Carry. While seemly lackluster, the Farmers Carry provides many benefits as it will hit your neck, shoulders, back, abdominals, glutes, quads, but perhaps most importantly, your grip. For many exercises involving grip (lat pull and pull ups especially) what fails first tends to be your grip (forearms and hand strength). If this is the case, you will be leaving a lot of potential strength, power and size gains on the table.

This workout will take 45 minutes including warm up and cool down. Cue the sweat, this one is a great one!

Circuit Format: 40 Seconds On, 15 Seconds Off X 2

Begin with a two exercise ladder. We like this one suggested but other great combos have been Split Jumps & Squats, KB Swings & Burpees, Inverted Row & Push Ups

Bicep Curl   High Pull 

15   5  (REPS)

10   10  (REPS)

5   15  (REPS)

Set of Stairs X2 

FINISHED. Moving onto the Circuit…

TRX Inverted Row

Pallof Press

Medball Slams

Lateral & Front Raise 

Farmer’s Carry

Box Jumps

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