Unlock extra strength with these 3 moves!

Unlock extra strength with these 3 moves!

Much like making sure that your glutes are supple and able to freely fire creates extra power, at your fingers lies the key to astounding extra strength…basically a power booster! Don’t believe me? Try lifting with a pair of lifting straps and you will likely see what I mean!

Without strong hands and forearms most of your lifts will be affected and not positively. Sure, having a big strong chest and back gets noticed by everyone and is a great self confidence booster but you can’t get there without first training and developing a strong, bulletproof grip. Why? Think back to your last couple workouts, how many times did you notice your grip had slipped or fatigued before your other muscles which kept you from doing another rep? If your grip is making you fatigue before the muscles you are training, you are leaving a lot of potential muscle building on the table at the end of the workout.

A bulletproof grip goes a long way to creating a strong body and will provide substantial improvement in performance. Next time your in the gym, add these moves to your routine to build a powerful grip.

DB Wrist Rotations:

BENEBEGINNER: 10 repetitions each way

BENEADVANCED: 20 repetitions each way

Grab a pair of light dumbbells and bring your arms up to 90 degrees.

Hold this position throughout the movement.

From that position rotate your wrists from palms up to palms down. Aim for as much range of motion as you can get while maintaining the 90 degrees.

Plate Grippers:

BENEBEGGINER: 10 Repetitions

BENEADVANCED: 20 Repetitions

Grab one appropriate weight plate that you can only hold.

Gripping only with your fingers and transfer from one hand to the other.

Left side to Right Side back to Left side is 1 rep.

Towel Or Rope Inverted Row

BENEBEGINNER: 5-8 Repetitions or 12 repetitions with less decline. (become more upright to make it easier)

BENEADVANCED: 12 Repetitions

On a smith squat machine set the bar at the appropriate height (depends on how upright you wish to be) and then throw a towel around the bar so that you can grip it on both sides.

Keep the core engaged and glutes squeezed to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement and lower yourself down until your arms are fully extended and then pull yourself back up. A rope or towel is perfect for challenging your grip with unqiue shapes.

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