All About The Battle Ropes

All About The Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes are an amazing tool to utilize weight-loss and build power, strength and speed. They are used for a variety of different total-body movements which are great ways to build an amazing physique but also a strong, stable core. Because of the high amount of dynamic core involvement and the use of other muscles, the battle ropes are an amazing tool to use for athletics and real-life scenarios where you need to be able to transfer power up and down the kinetic chain. Without proper core development, you will be losing efficiency and in turn, a lot of power and strength!

Because the battle ropes available are likely a one specific size, it can become challenging to make the exercises difficult. The options are play are then longer durations, less rest, and integrating other exercises with the battle ropes. This part is really only important for those of you using the battle ropes for sport performance because they could be targeting the wrong system (speed, strength, endurance, etc). If you are just using the battle ropes for a challenging and fun workout then don’t mind any of that last part and let’s get started!

Hey Benecore I already know how to do battle ropes I’m just here for the workout.

Set Up:

Start by anchoring the ropes around a base support of some sort. I find a normal posts work great but some gyms have special hooks designed for the ropes. Once we have that set up its time to get ourselves set up.  Let’s start with grips.

you have 4 grips to choose from: One-Handed, Two-Handed, Double Grip and Underhand Grip.

One-Handed Grip: (most common grip)  Palm facing down with the thumbs wrapped around.

Two-Handed Grip: This grip tends to be used more to target the core. Use both hands to hold the rope together as if it were one big rope.

Double Grip: This grip is for the crazies amongst us all. Similar to the one-handed grip except your fold the rope in hand to add in a challenge for your grip strength. This is hard..but a fun challenge!

Underhand Grip: This one is a bit more unique and is a nice stimulus change from the usual positioning. Instead of gripping the ropes and having your knuckles face the floor, you will grab them underneath and you will have your knuckles facing the sky. A lot of fun boxing routines can be used with this grip. (Think : upper cut, R&L hooks, etc)

 Battle Rope Wave with One-Handed Grip Steps:

  1. Grab the ropes with the one-handed grip setup.
  2. You should be in an ‘athletic stance’, feet shoulder-width and your weight is over the mid-foot.
  3. Engage your core and keep your ribcage down. (This is help you maintain neutral spine throughout the movement).
  4. Push your hips back and drop into a 3/4 squat.
  5. While maintaining the athletic squat position, lift the arms (ropes) until the arms are parallel to the floor. (Start Position)
  6. While Maintaining everything we talked about in the previous 5 steps, lift one arm up and drive the other arm down toward the floor.
  7. Reverse Directions.
  8. Continue for the specific time desired or repetitions required.

Alright, Alright enough chit-chat.

Battle Rope Workout

BeneBeginner: 30 seconds on10 seconds off.

BeneAdvanced: 30 seconds on. No breaks in between movements.

Rest 2 Minutes afterwards

Repeat 3 Times

Find a rhythm that you can stick it out for the full 3 minutes!!

Battle Ropes- Two-Handed Slam

Battle Ropes- Jumping Jacks

Battle Ropes-Clockwise Arm Circles

Battle Ropes-Wave

Battle Ropes- Woodchopper

Battle Ropes- Counter-Clockwise Arm Circles

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