Strength and Conditioning – The B.A.R. Method

No more average. No more settling. No more wishing.

Benecore programming is what you need to spark the transformation of a lifetime. Lets us help you optimize your athletic performance and surpass your competition. Strength and Conditioning programs are optimal for athletes who are looking to reduce their risk of injury, enhance their performance and reach the podium. Strength programs allow you to build lean muscle mass, improve your relative and absolute strength, boost your cardiovascular system , as well as helping to improve bone density, posture and body alignment.





Creating Healthy Habits

Our corporate wellness programs for designed for businesses that put emphasis on the health and well-being of their employees and wish to improve productivity, morale, and team-building. Does this sound like your company? If so, keep reading…

The ultimate goal of our corporate program is to improve organization performance in the workplace and this is done by improving the health and wellness of its employees through fitness programs and educational and practical workshops.


Our community wellness programs are designed to reach as many different demographics as possible with the aim to create an environment where exercise and fitness are accessible. We have an ambitious goal of trying to provide health and fitness opportunities for everyone in our community.


The benefits of exercise such as increased cardiovascular fitness, strength/endurance and flexibility, decreased the risk of developing/managing chronic disease, weight control, and improved mental health are increasingly evident with each study that gets published. If you are someone who is a senior or a young teen or you have a disability or are rehabing an injury, all of the foreamented benefits become even more important because those groups have a tendency to live less active lifestyles. Yet, it is just as essential that you exercise and reap those benefits!


Motion is lotion.
Having good mobility opens the door to longevity, independence, and enhancing your performance abilities.As we get older we move less, which means our joints stiffen and our body’s forget how to move.Mobility routines reverse the damage of the day to day stress we pose on our bodies from long hours sitting at a desk, to spending afternoons hunched over pulling weeds in the garden.The benefits of mobility routines are decreasing risk on injuries, relieving muscle soreness, increasing joint range of motion, increasing muscle activation.


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